Pollen Chakma
Designer (UX/UI) & Developer
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Hi đź‘‹, I'm Pollen, a freelance Designer (UX/UI) & Developer with over 9 years of experience.
I'm a UI/UX enthusiast with over 9 years of experience, specializing in web development. I craft sleek, engaging websites with a focus on user experience. Every site I build is not just visually appealing but also interactive and user-friendly, thanks to my skillful animation and coding. Even off the clock, I'm exploring new trends, always ready for the next digital challenge. Let's create something unforgettable together!

Highlighted Projects

Here, I showcase a curated collection of standout projects, demonstrating my expertise and creative abilities in action.
Ambidex - The Pinnacle of Lending & Borrowing on the Hedera Network
Streamlining Financial Mastery in One Dashboard
BIGA - Where Gaming Meets Crypto Rewards
Rekursive Console - The White Label Solution for Tokenization and Exchange Platforms
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My Webflow Websites

Dive into a portfolio of outstanding websites meticulously designed and developed using the power of Webflow. Discover seamless user experiences, captivating visuals, and innovative web solutions in action

What I can do

Looking for help online? I've got you covered! Learn how I can make your brand shine and stick in people's minds. Here's what I do!
UI/UX Design
Designing intuitive, striking user experiences backed by real human insights. I create solutions that resonate, merging beauty with functionality for a user journey that feels effortlessly seamless.
Full-stack Development
Not just code— it's digital craftsmanship. From websites to web apps, I deliver excellence and stand by for ongoing support.
Brand Identity Design
A duo with a vision— together with my associate, we craft memorable brand stories. It's not just logos; it's identities that connect and stick.
Visual Information Designer
As a Visual Information Designer, I transform complex information into engaging visuals—whether through data-driven graphics, user-friendly interfaces, or compelling layouts. Let me turn your content into a visually impactful experience for your audience.
Webflow & Interactive Solutions
Beyond templates— I use Webflow to craft bespoke digital stages, infusing interactivity that captivates at every click.